About Us

Sunset Roleplay is a whitelisted, vMenu based, lore roleplay server. There are many other servers out there, so some may ask, why did you start a server? The ownership team of 3, with one of them living in Florida, decided to create a unique, realistic, and immerse roleplay server based off of the North of Florida. We want to change the whitelisted FiveM community with a server that seriously focuses, and looks after our community. Everybody is welcome. You can only try us out, right?

24/7 Server Uptime

Our blazing fast servers are expected to be up 100% of the time, and on the small occasion that they do go down, you will be notified.

Custom Vehicles

Our LEO, Fire/EMS and Civilian vehicles, are custom built by a well-known developer in the FiveM community. Providing us with beautiful and realistic looking vehicles.


Our beautiful, user-friendly and responsive CAD/MDT system, is one of, if not the best custom CAD/MDT system on the market. Custom built by a team of very smart individuals.

Custom EUP

Our developers have worked endlessly on creating the most realistic and most beautiful looking EUP uniforms for all our departments.

Custom Maps

Our server includes many beautiful and realistic custom maps, which include but are not limited to home interiors, hospitals, building interiors, to enhance your roleplay experience.


We are a whitelisted server, meaning we should be free from FailRP, RDM, VDM, etc. - Only those whom are members within our community can join.

Ready to go?

Make sure you read the Rules & Regulations before applying.