Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the minimum age limit for Sunset Roleplay?

The minimum age limit is 16 years of age for all applicants. Exceptions may be handed out to applicants that are 15 years of age with exceptional applications, any applicant that is below 15 will not be considered, that is final.

Is Sunset Roleplay a whitelisted community?

Yes, Sunset Roleplay is a whitelisted FiveM community, meaning applicants must be pass the application process, following an interview before being granted access to the server and TeamSpeak.

What vehicles does Sunset Roleplay have?

All departments have their own custom vehicles, there is over 50 custom LEO & Fire vehicles, and currently ~40, and counting, custom Civilian vehicles available for all civilians to use.

How are Sunset Roleplay interviews handled?

Interviews will take place via our TeamSpeak server, you will receive a dedicated password in order to access the TeamSpeak upon approval of your application.